Context Based Indexing in Search Engines: A Review


  • Suraksha Singla M.Tech Scholar of Computer Science & Engineering BSAITM, India
  • Geetanjali Gandhi Assistant Lecturer in Department of Computer Science & Engineering BSAITM, India


There are so many increasing amount of information in the today’s World Wide Web. For these increasing amount of information we need efficient and effective index structure .Most indexing techniques directly matched terms from the documents and terms from query. Granting efficient and fast accesses to the index is a key issue for performance of web search engines. The main aim of search engine is to provide most relevant documents to the users in minimum possible time. Indexing is performed on the web pages after they have been gathered into a repository by the crawler. The existing architecture of search engine shoes that the index is built on the basis of the terms of the document. The context of the documents being collected by the crawler in the repository is being extracted by the indexer using the context repository, thesaurus and Ontology repository and then documents are indexed.  


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