Acid Stimulation of Carbonate Reservoir in Northeastern Thailand Using Developed Computer Program


  • Vimontha Janbumrung 25 Krungkasem Road, Pomprab District, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
  • Kriangkrai Trisarn 111 University Avenue, Muang District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand


Well stimulation, Acidizing, Acid fracturing, Gas reservoir.


The purpose of this study is to analyze production performance of well stimulation by acidizing and acid fracturing of northeastern gas reservoir using developed computer program to increase the permeability and improve in flow performance. The original permeability of reservoir is 0.5 md. with 5 production wells has the maximum gas production rate of 19.11 MMSCF/D. After acidizing, the permeability increases to be 1.75 md. and maximum gas production increase to be 20.77 MMSCF/D. After acid fracturing, the permeability increases to be 37.73x109 md. and maximum gas production rate increases to be 228 MMSCF/D. The results of gas production performance from developed program and Eclipse show the closed results. The economic analysis result shows that after acid fracturing has completely paid back in the 6th year of production with internal rate of return at 34.49%. Acid stimulation program are advantage valuable data to use for decision-making in the investment of petroleum exploration in the northeastern Thailand. This is also useful to predict for the future petroleum exploration business in the northeastern Thailand.


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