Assessing Information Quality of Blackboard System


  • Thamer Alhussain E-Commerce Department, Saudi Electronic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Information Quality, Blackboard, IS-Impact Model.


This paper reports on how a positivist research paradigm was conducted with the aim to assess the information quality of the Blackboard system. It outlines the application of the IS-Impact Measurement Model for the purpose of testing the variables for the construct of “Information Quality.” The investigation in this paper is a part of a research project aiming to measure the success of the Blackboard system adopted in a higher education institute. Data for this investigation are gathered from students in Saudi Electronic University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This paper explores the factors related to information quality affecting the success of the use of the Blackboard system. It concludes by confirming that information quality positively affects the use of the Blackboard system. 


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