Design of an ASIP Processor for Mathematic Functions


  • Mona Moradi Young Researcher and Elite Club, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen, Tehran, Postal code: 3973188981, Iran


Matlab mathematics functions, ASIP, RTL, CPU, Register and ALU Configuration.


This paper presents new architecture for some instructions of Matlab Mathematic toolbar related to matrix such as Sort, Find max, Sind min,  Sind size, Isempty, Isrow, Iscolumn, Isvector, Isscalar, Isfinite, Ismatrix,  Isarray, , Isequal, Islogical, Findlength, NDims, Nheight, and member of array operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication based on Application Specific Instruction Set(ASIP). These instructions can be considered as a part of ASIP processor for mathematics functions of Matlab software. Designing process for mentioned instructions is explained comprehensively. The basic structure is developed in order to reduce the required clock cycles for the mentioned instructions. The complete instruction set for each function is described in Register Transform Language. 


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