Cuckoo Based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network


  • Ali Ghiasian Shahre Kord University/ Department of engineering , Shahre kord, Iran
  • Maryam Hosivandi Islamic Azad University Najaf abad/ Department of Computer engineering, Najaf abad, Iran


wireless sensor network, clustering, Cuckoo algorithm, network lifetime, energy.


A significant challenge in wireless sensor network is the restriction of energy resources that influences network lifetime directly. Clustering is a technique that can be used to increase network lifetime. Recently, nature-inspired clustering approaches have attracted research community interests. In this paper, we introduce three variant of Cuckoo algorithm in which the energy of path length is considered as one important factor in cluster head selection. To prevent quick energy dissipation of the cluster heads, the role of cluster head should be circulated among different nodes. Thus the proposed algorithms are aimed to avoid the selection of specific nodes as cluster head very frequently. In addition to this, the problem of lack of attention to the residual energy of sensor nodes during experimental clustering phase in well-known LEACH algorithm is resolved. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithms outperform LEACH algorithm in terms of energy consumption and network lifetime.


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